The only aspect that separates philately from coin collection: Philately promotes numismatics but vice versa has not happened so far, at least to my knowledge.

Many nations across the globe have promoted numismatics and para-numismatics in many ways on stamps.

Keeping Indian stamps in background I am presenting some fascinating examples of interesting coins of India depicted on stamps.


1. Here is a stamp on Maritime Heritage in which a Satavahan Dynasty Double Mast Ship type rare coin is depicted.

2. Yaudhey coins are ancient coins of India which are depicted on these stamps.

3. Considered as one of the most valued old coins of India, this stamp depicts gold coins of Kanishka.

Coins of India on Indian Postage Stamp


4. Though not directly relevant to numismatics, Indus Valley Seals were presented in these stamps.

5. This is a Stamp showcasing the symbols that were used on Punchmarked coins during the regime of the Emperor Chandragupta Maurya.

6. This one stamp depicting ancient Gwalior coins to commemorate the notable works undertaken by Madhya Pradesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

7. Not just ancient coins, there are stamps issued with pictures of coins of India issued by India Government Mint.

Coins of India on Indian Postage Stamps


Being more of a Numismatist by heart, it’s a pleasure to collect these kind of special stamps.

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