Lighthouse USB-digital microscope DM4-10x to 300x magnification

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High-quality USB digital microscope with 5 megapixels and a magnification of up to 300x for a variety of applications in study, school and leisure. Check and recognize details that are invisible to the naked eye, such as deviations from the original, details or damage. With the included software, you can easily take pictures and videos, which you can then save and share with others. The microscope and the software are suitable for all common computers with USB connection (PC, MAC or laptop).
Excluding Tripod stand. The matching tripod is sold separately: with sturdy base, measuring scale, retaining clips and an extra high aluminum shaft, which also allows large coins, medals and slabs to be picked up as a whole.

Color: Black

Product Code: 350599
Leuchtturm original products made in germany.
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Serial number will vary from image.

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