125th Anniversary- Goan Tiatr Miniature Sheet - 2018

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Department of Posts issued a miniature sheet on the occasion of 125th Anniversary of Goan Tiatr- Tiatr is a famous form of theatre in Goa- The word 'Tiatr' is originated from the Portuguese language which means Theatre- Tiatr performance is divided into 6 or 7 parts, each part is called a Pordho- In between Pordho, there are songs which are called Kantaram-

Issue Year: 2018

Product Code: MIMS00078
Note :
This product is developed and offered to notaphilists, numismatists and philatelists for collection purpose.
This image is for reference purpose only Condition may vary from Image.
The product over 100 years. Not to be sold overseas.
Serial number will vary from image.

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