Indian Fashion Through The Ages Series 1 Miniature Sheet - 2018

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This Miniature is composed of a set of commemorative postage stamps on the Fashions of India through ages- It features Maurya, Mughal, Awadh and Indian Princely states fashion- The First stamp features Priest King from the Harappan period wearing a long robe over the left shoulder while the right is left bare- Other two men from Mauryan and Shunga dynasty are wearing antariya which was wrapped around the waist- The Second stamp features Empress Nur Jahan wearing a short-sleeved jacket over her kurta- Mughal costumes included Peshwaj, Yalek, Pajama, Churidar, Dhillija, Garara and Farshi- The Third stamp features an aristocratic style of Awadh- They wore lavish dresses with royal living standard- The Fourth stamp features Indian Princely states fusion of local traditional dresses- For example, Rajput men wore angarkhi, pagdi, chudidar pyjama and a kamerband or kamer-patta- Dhotti was worn in different style across India- This period is also a witness of infusing European fashion with diverse Indian attire-

Issue Year: 2018

Product Code: MIMS00084
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