Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa | Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October,1869) | Part 1

In 1893, a 24 year old young barrister Mohandas Gandhi landed in South Africa where he was kicked out of a first class train compartment for being ‘coloured’. Rusted Post Box investigates this part of Gandhi’s early life where he fights against racial discrimination through various stamps and coins. It was here that Gandhi’s famous philosophy of Satyagraha or passive resistance was born which would later influence numerous leaders around the world. It was the beginning of a massive change.

Rusted Post Box is a series of docudramas that relates various stamps, coins and notes to significant historic events. With the help of the newly established online museum,, this series aims at imparting knowledge and creating interest in the areas of Philately, Numismatics and Notaphily within the general public, collectors, students and scholars alike.

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