The University of Mumbai was Founded

18 Jul 2019  Thu

Formerly known as the University of Bombay, Mumbai University is one of the oldest modern universities of India.

In accordance with "Wood's despatch", drafted by Sir Charles Wood in 1854, The University of Bombay was established on 18 July 1857 after the presentation of a petition from the Bombay Association to the British colonial government in India. The University of Mumbai was modeled on similar universities in the United Kingdom, specifically the University of London.

Here are few interesting facts about the University of Mumbai
- First Vice-Chancellor of the University was John Wilson.
- Initially, the Town Hall in Mumbai was used as the university's offices.
- The first degrees awarded in 1862 were Bachelor of Arts and Licentiate in Medicine.
- Cornelia Sorabji was the university's first female graduate in 1888.
- The name of the University was changed from University of Bombay to the University of Mumbai in 1996.

The University of Mumbai is one of the largest universities in the world with more than 700 affiliated colleges and three campuses.

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