Postage Stamps to Celebrate England’s Victory in the Recent Cricket World Cups

2019-07-17 Wed

The Royal Mail is going to release eight commemorative postage stamps to celebrate England’s victory in two Cricket World Cup tournaments. They will be released as a part of two souvenir sheets. One sheet will be dedicated to the men’s World Cup while the other one will depict pictures from the women’s world cup. Two non-denominated first-class stamps and two £1.60 stamps will be included in each sheet.

Specially designed white coloured mailboxes with golden images of a cricket bat, ball and stumps will be located near the stadiums where the matches of the tournaments were organised. Important locations related to the captains of both the winning teams, Eoin Morgan and Heather Knight will also have these mailboxes. The mailboxes will be decorated for three months and will have a permanent gold plaque featuring a text celebrating the victories. A unique postmark will also be designed for the same.

The announcement about this postal release was made on 14th July when England won the Men’s Cricket World Cup tournament after defeating New Zealand in a thrilling tiebreaker. The tournament is organised once in four years. England had also won the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup in 2017 by defeating India in a close encounter.

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Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons