Coinage of Michael II the Amorian

15 Jul 2019  Mon

Michael II the Amorian, was the Byzantine Emperor reigning from 820 to 829 AD. He was the first ruler of the Amorian dynasty. He attempted to moderate the Iconoclastic controversy that divided 9th century Byzantium.

Michael was born in 770 in Amorium into a family of professional peasant soldiers who received land from the government for their military service. His reign saw two major military disasters that would have permanent effects on the Empire: the beginning of the Muslim conquest of Sicily, and the loss of Crete to the Saracens.

He issued coins in the denomination of Solidus, Miliaresion, Follis, Semissis, and Tremissis. These coins were issued from Constantinople and Syracuse mints.

The above shown gold solidus issued under his reign from Constantinople mint. The obverse of a coin depicts the crowned facing bust of Michael, wearing short beard and chlamys pinned at the right shoulder, holding cross potent in the right hand and akakia in left. The reverse of a coin has crowned facing bust of Theophilus, beardless, wearing loros, holding globus cruciger in the right hand and cruciform scepter in left.

Image Source: Heritage Auction

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