From Mulher to Auragnagar

13 Jul 2019  Sat

Aurangnagar is a small village which is the Bhiwani district situated on the border of Maharashtra and Gujrat near Nashik. It was the name given to Mulher also known as Mayurnagri which was once a chief town of state Baglana. Aurangnagar was ruled by Rathod dynasty of Baglana ancestry reign Baglana between 1310 CE and 1638 CE with Mulhar as its capital. This kingdom was very small, but it was very important because it was a trade route between Deccan and Gujarat.

During the 17th century, this kingdom Mulher was submitted to Mughal Emperor Akbar; here Akbar had obtained the right to have its own coin which is known as ‘Mahmudis’. In the year 1638 CE; Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb besieged Mulher during his first term as viceroy of Deccan. The Mughal army stormed the lower fort was the raja and his family resided. The Raja surrendered the town of Mulher to the Mughal Empire and it was renamed as Aurangnagar.

This silver rupee was issued by Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah from the mint Aurangnagar.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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