Bahlul Lodi- Founder of the Lodi Dynasty

12 Jul 2019  Fri

Today on this day in 1489, Bahlul Lodi, the founder of the Lodi Dynasty, died in Delhi. He was the nephew and son in law of Malik Sultan Shah Lodi, the governor of Sirhind, and succeeded him as the governor during Sayyid dynasty.

He came to power after the last Sayyid ruler Allaudin Alam Shah stepped down from his throne and handed power to Bahlul Khan. After ascending to the throne, in 1479, Sultan Bahlul defeated and annexed Sharqi dynasty based at Jaunpur.

During the reign he introduced billon and copper coins. These coins depicted the issuer name and mint name on its obverse while, date on the reverse side of the coin.

He ruled from 1451 to 1489 and his successors, Sikander Lodi and Ibrahim Lodi ruled from 1488-1517 CE and 1517-1526 respectively. The tomb of Bahlul Lodi lies near the tomb of famous Sufi saint Nasiruddin-Chirag-e-Delhi, which is located in Chirag Delhi, named after him.

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