Oklahoma Mural Featured on USPS Stamp

11 Jul 2019  Thu

Post Office lobby artwork painted in the 1930's and 1940's was celebrated by the USPS with the issuance of the Post Office Murals Forever stamps.

A total 5 stamps have been issued which feature different murals painted on different post offices. Among the five murals showcased on the new stamps is “Kiowas Moving Camp” (1936) by Stephen Mopope, one of the Kiowa Six, a group of 20th-century Kiowa artists hailing from Oklahoma. They painted 16 murals with tempera paint directly to the plaster walls in the lobby, including “Kiowas Moving Camp.” They can be seen at the Anadarko Post Office in Oklahoma.

The mural depicts Plains Indian life. Kiowas Moving Camp is a gouache and pencil on paper art work. The mural depicts a group Native Americans along with horses are shown migrating from one place to the other.

The stamp depicts the mural in the center with the place below the mural and the theme “Post Office Murals” “Forever” and “USA” at the bottom of the stamp.

Image Courtesy: https://cdn2.newsok.biz

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