Ahmad Ibn Muhammad, the Saffarid ruler born today

21 Jun 2019  Fri

The Saffarid dynasty was Islamic Persian dynasty from Sistan (present-day eastern Iran and southern Afghanistan). It was one of the first indigenous Persian dynasties to emerge after the Islamic invasions.

Abu Jafar Ahmad Ibn Muhammad was the Amir of Saffarid dynasty of Sistan. He ruled the dynasty from 923 to 963. His reign is responsible for restoring Saffarid rule over Sistan.

Abu Ja’far Ahmad's rise to power began in May 923, when the people of Zarang proclaimed him Amir. Sistan at that time was ruled by 'Abdallah ibn Ahmad, who was unpopular in Zarang due to his harsh taxes. He was also a great patron of arts.

During the reign, he issued silver Dirham and gold Dinar. These coins were issued from various mints such as Sijistan, Andaraba, and Zaranj. Depicted above is a gold Mohur issued during his reign.

Image Source: wikipedia.org

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