Austria's New Crypto Stamp

13 Jun 2019  Thu

The Austrian Post has released a new and innovative postage stamp which is considered to be the world’s first stamp to be authenticated via blockchain technology.

A blockchain is a special form of data storage where the data is distributed across many independent computers rather than storing in one center. The above stamp embeds with this technology has a special feature where you can scan the QR code given in the stamp and see the digital version of the crypto stamp.

The stamp comes with two parts. Part one depicts a Unicorn which is associated with the Ethereal and can be used as a regular postage stamp used to mail a post. On the other hand, the second part contains the credentials used to authenticate the crypto collectible via blockchain. The postal service has reportedly issued 150,000 copies sold at € 6.90 apiece.

This is the new generation of Philately.

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