New Notes of Gambia to be Released Soon

07 Jun 2019  Fri

According to an official statement, the Central Bank of Gambia is soon going to release a new family of banknotes which is different from the ones which are currently in circulation. Senior officials of the bank believe that the personalities featured on Gambian notes should be replaced by elements which are more inclusive. The Governor has suggested that the banknotes could feature natural resources to represent the country and its people.

The new notes will also have upgraded security features. Certain elements will glow in front of the red serial number when the note is held against ultraviolet light. The denomination is featured at the centre as well as in two colours at the bottom right. The birds featured on the reverse side at the bottom right corner also glow. They will also feature micro-lettering which will be visible only through a magnifying glass. The older notes will continue to circulate as legal tender along with the new ones.

Image Courtesy: Central Bank of Gambia

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