Leopard Featured on Latest Pobjoy Mint Coin

04 Jun 2019  Tue

Pobjoy Mint released the fourth coin in its popular Big Five African Animals Series. The 2 oz (62.21 grams) Silver coin is struck in high relief for Sierra Leone and depicts the head of a leopard, designed like an African mask. The incused rim has an African pattern according to the theme. It has a diameter of 50.00 millimetres and a mintage limit of 500 pieces. The coin is encapsulated and packed in a specially designed acrylic box with a printed sleeve which contains the Certificate of Authenticity.

It’s very difficult to spot leopards because they are shy and nocturnal animals. They hide themselves during the day and hunt at nights. They can easily climb trees to search their prey or protect their food from other predators. The spots on their body allow them to camouflage themselves perfectly against the green surroundings. They can run at speeds of more than 56 kilometres per hour while hunting and can manage a large territory.

Image Courtesy: Pobjoy Mint

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