Burundi introduces Improved Banknotes

2019-05-27 Mon

The Bank of the Republic of Burundi issued enhanced versions of 500, 2000, 5000 and 10000 BIF banknotes on 2nd May 2019. Officials stated that this step was taken to improve the quality, safety and sustainability of notes in Burundi. People will have to deposit the earlier version of banknotes in banks within three months. After three months, people will have to exchange their old notes at a discount of 5%.

The new notes have improved security features, making counterfeiting more difficult. Apart from that, they are made of more durable material, which will increase their lifetime. A security thread is included with a non-metallic window. Heifer’s head and the letters BRB appear to be moving when the banknote is tilted. The other design elements have not been altered.

The letters ” BRB” printed on the pineapple of the 2000 banknote, the 5000 banknote’s basket, and the 1000 banknote’s drum, have been removed in the new design. This was done so that the colour change effect is more visible. The vertical bar on the 5000 and 1,000 banknotes is replaced by a ring that moves when the bill is tilted.

Image Courtesy: The Bank of the Republic of Burundi