Pigs Featured on Stamps from Austria, Germany and Czech Republic

18 May 2019  Sat

Austria released a 2.70 stamp featuring a wild boar, a sow and her piglets on 29th March. It is the last stamp from the Wildlife and Hunting series that started in 2012. A different animal is featured on every stamp in the series along with paw prints on the left side. The stamps were printed in sheets of 50 by Joh. Enschede.

Germany issued two Welfare semipostals featuring a pig somewhere in the design. The surtax collected after selling these stamps is donated to the Federal Association of Non-statutory Welfare which represents six non-statutory welfare organizations in Germany.

A set of three semipostals was issued on 7th February, depicting scenes from The Brave Little Tailor. This set is a part of a series of stamps that are dedicated to Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm. Two giants are shown uprooting trees in the 0.85+0.40 stamp and a wild boar is shown in the lower right. According to this Fairy Tale, if the tailor manages to find the boar, the king would give him half his kingdom and make him the prince. A wedding scene is depicted on the 1.45+0.55 semipostal stamp while the boar is being roasted. The third stamp from this set does not depict a boar. Designed by Michael Kunter, the semipostals were printed by Bundesdruckerei in panes of 10 and in a booklet with the three designs.

The Czech Republic released some postage stamps on 22nd May, out of which two featured the cartoon character pig Bobík. They belong to a series of stamps that were introduced in 2010 based on the Ctyrlistek series of comic books by Jaroslav Nemecek in 1969. The non-denominated stamps feature the letter “A” which denotes that they pay the basic domestic rate. One of the stamps with a blue background features Bobik riding in the back of a truck. The other stamp with the orange background features Bobik and other characters posing for a photo. The self-adhesive stamps are available in a booklet of 10, with five stamps of each design.

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