Gold Dinar of Gauda fetch INR 5,00,000

2019-05-13 Mon

On 20th April 2019 in Shukla Coin Day in Mumbai Todywalla commenced its Auction Number 122, the loss of this auction consist some rarest gold, silver coins, and paper currency. One of the most sorted after specimen from this auction lot was the gold dinar of Sasanka, King of Gauda. The weight of this coin is 9.32 grams Abhishekha type coin. The obverse of this coin depicts illustrates nimbate Shiva seated form facing right and reclining on recumbent bull facing left with Brahami legend ‘Jaya’ below the bull on right and moon on left. The reverse of this coin depicts nimbate Abhisheka Lakshmi seated cross-legged on a lotus with a lotus flower in hand and the Brahmi legend ‘Sri Shashanka’ inscribed on the left side. As this extremely rare and fine specimen fetched INR 5,00,000 in the auction, one can even say it was the second most bidden coin. Todywalla auction also claims this specimen to be the finest specimen of this type recorded so far. They also elaborated that this specimen is much better in execution and with highest artistic merit with the regal posture of Shiva facing right. The finer depiction of Lakshmi on the reverse matches more with Gupta coins rather than those of the Gaudas, see the coin of Skandagupta. Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction