Coinage of Jaisalmer Princely State

2019-05-03 Fri

Widely known as the ‘Golden City’, Jaisalmer was the Princely State of India situated in the south-western Rajputana province during the British Raj.

Rulers of Jaisalmer issued gold and silver coins from Jaisalmer mint. The first series of coins depicted the ‘22’ frozen regnal year and does not have any mint mark while the second series have a regnal year and mint mark also such as bird and umbrella.

Ranjit Singh ruled the state from1846 to 1864 AD. During the reign, he issued coins in the denomination of Mohur, Nazarana Rupee, and Rupee. These coins were struck in various shapes such as square, round, octagonal, and hexagonal. Most of his coins were issued in the name of Queen Victoria which illustrates the Persian legend ‘Sikka Mubarak Queen Victoria Malika Mu'azzama Raf'I al- Darja was Zaman’ on its obverse face. On the other hand, the reverse has Formulaic 'Julus' legend with mint-name at top.

There are some anonymous issues which were struck in ‘Mughal’ and ‘Regal’ style. Akhey Shahi series of Mughal style was issued in the name of Muhammad Shah. Some of these coins have Trishul, and Swastika symbol.

The above shown silver Nazarana Sawai Rupee of Jaisalmer Princely State was sold for INR 125,000 by Classical Numismatic Gallery.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery