Australian Coins Commemorate the Return of World War I Personnel

30 Apr 2019  Tue

On 8th April, Australia released a circulating colourful $2 coin, to commemorate the return of soldiers and nurses after World War I. The central design features an element from First World War Returned from Active Service badges. It comprises of black rays along with red and black petal motifs. Rays symbolise the Rising Sun element of one WWI service badge. The eight petals symbolize the six states and two territories of Australia. They also represent the symbol of remembrance, Flanders Field poppy.

The Repatriation Department started working towards bringing all those who served the War, back to the nation from 1919. They offered war pensions, a soldier settlement scheme, and other services related to healthcare, education, housing and official commemorations. Different kinds of badges were issued from 1914 through 1919. One of them features the St. Edward’s Crown with the rising sun, along with the text AUSTRALIAN MILITARY FORCES.

Image Courtesy: The Royal Australian Mint

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