Jalal Al-Din Muhammad Shah Silver Tanka

11 Apr 2019  Thu

Jalal Al-Din Muhammad Shah was the sultan of Bengal during the medieval period in India. He ruled the Bengal Sultanate for almost 16 years. Jalal Al-Din Muhammad Shah was born in a Hindu family; his father’s name was Raja Ganesha, the patriarch of Ganesha Dynasty. Under his rule, he brought Arakan under Bengali suzerainty and consolidated the kingdom's domestic administrative centers.

Jalal Al-Din Muhammad Shah issued coins in two metals gold and silver. He issued coins hexagonal, round and scalloped shapes. Coins issued by him are found in various denominations like Tanka, Double Tanka, Half-Tanka, One-eighth Tanka, Quarter-Tanka, Ten Tanka, and Scalloped Tanka.

This silver tanka was issued by him from the mint Firuzabad. The name of the king is inscribed in a Tughra style.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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