Royal Mail Releases new Definitive Stamps

2019-03-30 Sat

Royal Mail had introduced new postal rates from 25th March and keeping the new rates in mind, 14 definitive stamps were released on 19th March. Six stamps feature the historic bas-relief portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Arnold Machin. This image has been depicted on British definitive stamps since 1967. The £1.35 stamp is orchid mauve, the £1.60 stamp is amber yellow, the £2.30 stamp is gooseberry green, the £2.80 stamp is spruce green, the £3.45 stamp is dark pine green, and the £3.60 stamp is bright orange. All six stamps pay different rates.

The other eight regional definitives feature imagery related to England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, but are valid across the United Kingdom. Four country definitives are denominated £1.35, while the other four are denominated £1.55. Country stamp designs have also remained constant for several years.

An oak tree is featured on the £1.35 England stamp, linen on the £1.35 Northern Ireland stamp, thistle on the £1.35 Scotland stamp and daffodil on the £1.35 Wales stamp. A Tudor rose is featured on the £1.55 England stamp, Parian china on the £1.55 Northern Ireland stamp, tartan on the £1.55 Scotland stamp and Prince of Wales feathers on the £1.55 Wales stamp.

International Security Printers printed the self-adhesive Machin stamps by gravure, and the country stamps with traditional gum by lithography. First-day covers and one presentation pack each for Machins and country stamps are also available.

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Image Courtesy: Royal Mail