Nizam Al-Din Ahmad Shah III Gold Tanka

19 Mar 2019  Tue

This gold tanka was issued by Nizam Al-Din Ahmad Shah III of Bahamani Sultanate during the Hijri year 867. Nizam Al-Din Ahmad Shah had ruled Bahamani Sultanate from the 1461 CE till 1463 CE. Nizam Al-Din Ahmad Shah was the son of Humayun Shah; he succeeded on the throne after the death of his father as Nizam-ud-Din Ahmad III.

The Bahamani Sultanate was ruled by the five dynasties namely Bijapur, Golkonda Ahmadnagar Bidar, and Berar. Adil Shahi Dynasty of Bijapur was a Shia Muslim Dynasty. Bahamani Sultanate was a Muslim state of Deccan in South India; it was one of the great medieval Indian kingdoms. The Bahamani Kingdom was founded by Turkish general Ala-ud-din Bahman Shah in the year 1347 by revolting against the Delhi Sultanate Muhammad bin Tughluq, The revolt was successful and he became the first Muslim ruler of Deccan.

This gold tanka is listed for INR 1,50,000 in the upcoming auction of Classical Numismatic Gallery which will be held in Mumbai on 19th April 2019. This gold tanks which was minted in Hadrat Muhammadabad weigh of this coin is around 11.06g. The obverse of this coin is inscribed as Al Wathiq Billah Al-Ghani al-Muzaffar Nizam Al-Duniyawala Al-Din. The reverse of this coin is inscribed as Ahmad Shah Bin Humayun Shah Al-Sultan Al-Bahamani.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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