Silver Rupee of Mangal Singh

08 Mar 2019  Fri

According to mythological legends, Alwar was a part of the Matsya region with Viratnagar as the capital. Alexander Cunningham postulated a theory that the city traced its name from the Salva tribe which was originally known as Salwapur then Salwar, Halawar and finally Alawar.

Mangal Singh was the 6th Maharaja to rule over the Alwar Princely State. He was installed upon the gaddi as Raja on 14 December 1874 and ruled till 1892 AD. During the reign he issued gold, silver, and copper coins from Rajgadh mint. These coins were issued in the denomination of Nazarana Rupee, Nazarana Takka, Rupee, and Paisa.

One of his silver Rupee was sold for INR 8,500 by Classical Numismatic Gallery in an auction held on 1st April 2017. His coin depicts the portray the crowned bust of Victoria Empress facing left with legend ‘VICTORIA EMPRESS’ on its obverse and reverse of a coin depicted the Persian legend 'Maharaje Sir Sawai Mangal Singh Bahadur' within the circle, with date 1891 and One Rupee and Alwar State written in the margin.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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