6 Escudo Coin of Republic of Portugal

06 Mar 2019  Wed

The Portuguese escudo is the currency of Portugal prior to the introduction of the euro.

Escudo gold coinage was initially introduced in 1722 with denominations including 1?2 escudo, 2, 4, and 8 escudos and was minted generally during the 18th century. The escudo (non-gold) was again introduced at the beginning of the 20th Century.

The Republic of Portugal also issued coins for the circulation in the colonies. In the case of India, Portugal issued coins with the denomination of Escudos which was later replaced by Rupiah. The coins bear the legend “Escudo Da India” meaning “Indian Escudos”.

The above coin was issued in the year 1959 which was issued of Republic of Portugal. The coin comes with the denomination of 6 Escudos and was made up of Copper-Nickel. The obverse side depicts Shield on a lined circle at the centre of a Maltese cross and surrounded by ESTADO Da India and the reverse depicts Coat of arms with an armillary spear in background and country’s name and date around.

Image Courtesy: https://www.mintageworld.com

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