Silver Half Zolota of Ottoman Emperor Ahmed II

25 Feb 2019  Mon

This Silver ½ Zolota was struck during the reign of Ottoman Emperor Ahmed II in the year 1691.

Ahmed II was the 21st Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 22 June 1691 – 6 February 1695. Ahmed II ruled only for 4 years and 8 months constituting one of the shortest ruling Emperors. Born on 25 February 1643 at Topkap? Palace, Constantinople, he was the son of Sultan Ibrahim. After the death of his father, Ahmed II came to the throne on 22 June 1691.

During his reign, Sultan Ahmed II devoted most of his attention to the wars against the Habsburgs and related foreign policy, governmental and economic issues. Following his accession to the throne, Sultan Ahmed II confirmed Faz?l Mustafa Pasha in his office as grand vizier which eliminated corruption in his empire.

However, this able king did not live long and died less than 5 years after ascending the throne on 6 February 1695 in Edirne Palace. During his reign, he struck a number of coins. The above shown ½ silver Zolota was issued right after his accession.

The Obverse of the coin is inscribed with the name of the King and his father, at the bottom the coin the Mint Name Constantinople and the date is seen. On the other hand, the reverse of the coin depicts a legend ‘As Sultan Al Barin Wa Khaqaan Al Bahrain As Sultan Ibn As Sultan’.

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