Kavadh II became the Emperor of Sasanian Empire

25 Feb 2019  Mon

Sheroe also known as Kavadh II was shah of the Sasanian Empire. His reign is seen as a turning point in Sasanian history.

Sheroe was born on 590 to Khosrow II who considered as the last prominent king of Sasanian Empire. On 25th February, Sheroe, along with his commander captured Ctesiphon and imprisoned his father, Khosrow II. He then proclaimed himself as Shah of the Sasanian Empire and assumed the dynastic name Kavadh II.

With the agreement of the Iranian nobles, he made peace with the victorious emperor Heraclius, which allowed the Byzantines to regain all their lost territories such as Egypt, Syria, Asia Minor, and Western Mesopotamia. He was also agreeing to recover their captured soldiers, a war indemnity, along with the True Cross and other relics that were lost in Jerusalem in 614.

During the reign Kavadh II issued various coins. Depicted here is a silver Drachm issued in his rule. The obverse of a coin portray the decorative bust of king facing right, wearing earrings and crown surmounted by globe or korymbos and crescent, two stars above. The reverse of a coin depicts with Fire altar decorated with ribbons; two attendants facing and Crescent and star above.

Image Source: Google Images

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