In the memory of Acharya Narendra Dev

19 Feb 2019  Tue

Today on 19th February 1956 Acharya Narendra Dev took his last breath. He was the mastermind behind the appeal of ‘Karo Ya Maro’ aandolan of 1942 and prepared the draft of this movement on Mahatma Gandhi’s request. This revolution paved the way for the total freedom of the country at that time. Narendra Devji’s early education orientation was towards the Indian classical culture and Sanskrit.

Over time his thoughts and ideology were greatly influenced by Marxism and socialism. He also contributed in Kisan Movement since 1921 and help in the founding of the All Indian Kisan Sabha. After independence, he fought constantly for the abolition of Zamindari and contributed to the Land Reforms.

Acharyaji was a well-known educationist who had a keen student of both Eastern and western thoughts. He was quite impressed with Mazzini’s work and the Russian Revolution. Narendra Dev was a scholar of ancient Indian history and excellent orator in Hindi, Urdu and English as was also well versed with Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit with French and German languages.

Acharya Narendra Dev was a social thinker, great national leader and ardent patriot. His mission in life was to establish a Socialist society o sound foundation of democracy which he successfully established. He is embedded in the memory of many for his value for truth, courage and conviction.

To remember this great leader of India, Indian Post issued a commemorative stamp in 1971 on his 25th death anniversary.

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Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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