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Hay Post's Ancient Deity Series

13 Feb 2019  Wed

The Hay Post (the post of Armenia) paid homage to the ancient era through a set of three stamps. Issued on 4th August 1994, the stamps feature ancient deities.

Mythology has been a huge part of the Armenian Culture. The Armenian pantheon was headed by the trinity of Haldi, Teisheba, and Shivini, who were the principal beneficiaries of sacrifices and temples built in their honour.

The stamp with the lowest denomination of 0.10 Armenian drams features Golden figure of Shivini the Sun God. Shivini was a solar god in the mythology of the Urartu. He was depicted as a man on his knees, holding up a solar disc. The stamp depicts a drawing of Shivini based on an image on an object from the History Museum of Armenia.

The stamp worth 0.50 Armenian drams features Teisheb, God of the Elements or thunder. Teisheba, the god of storms and thunder who was likely based on the Hurrian god Teshub. The stamp depicts Teisheb with his hair over his shoulders; a high headgear covered with horns, which represent the bull, the symbol of Teisheba which is based on an image on an object from the History Museum of Armenia.

The highest denominated stamp of 10 Armenian drams shows Golden figure of Khaldi, Supreme God. Khaldi was a warrior god to whom the kings of Urartu would pray for victories in battle. The temples dedicated to Khaldi were adorned with weapons. The stamps show a depiction of god Khaldi standing on a lion which is in Erebuni Fortress Museum Armenia.

Being a part of an important civilization of the ancient world, the country has an inclination towards its past. The stamps featuring three deities mean remembrance of the forgotten past.

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