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Durrani Empire Gold Mohur Sold For INR 70,000

12 Feb 2019  Tue

The Durrani Empire was founded at Kandahar, by Ahmad Shah Durrani in the year 1747. During medieval times, it was one of the largest states which used to include modern Afghanistan, Pakistan, North-Eastern Iran, and Western India.

This gold mohur was issued by Shah Shuja Al-Mulk of the Durrani Empire. Shah Shuja Al-Mulk was the ruler of the Durrani Empire, he is also known as Shuja Shah Durrani. He was the fifth Emir of Afghanistan. Shuja was the Sadduzai line of the Abdali group of Pashtuns.

This gold mohur which weighs around 10.05g was issued by him from the mint Bahawalpur during the first year of his reign. The obverse of this coin is inscribed with name and title of the king and reverse of this coin is inscribed Julus formula, mint name and regnal year.

This gold mohur was sold for INR 70,000 in an auction of Todywalla held in Ahmadabad on 9th February 2019.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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