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Security Features of New Sudanese 100 Pound Banknote

11 Feb 2019  Mon

The Central Bank of Sudan had recently issued a new 100-pound banknote with improved security features. The note is primarily brown in colour and depicts a watermark on the see-through window. The see-through register contains a multi-coloured element while the latent image shows the text CBOS. Tactile printing is used to produce two different elements, while a special ink strip changes its colour when the note is tilted. Raised dots are included as special signs so that visually impaired persons can easily identify the denomination. Magnetic Ink is used to print Serial Number, and the background depicts secured patterns. Rapid Security Thread is also incorporated on the new note. The 66 x 148 mm banknote features designs based on the theme Civilization.

Sudan has introduced the new 100 pound banknote to curb inflation. The Central Bank had started circulating new 50 pound banknotes in June 2018 to tackle issues related to counterfeiting. South Sudan had also announced the introduction of new 500 pound banknotes in June 2018 to improve liquidity.

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