Remembering Motilal Nehru

06 Feb 2019  Wed

Today on 6th Feb 1931, Motilal Nehru took his last breath. He was an active member of the Indian independence movement and important leader of Indian National Congress. He served as the India National Congress President Twice in 119 and 1982.

Motilal Nehru was born on in Agar on 6th May in 1861, later on, his family moved to Allahabad. It's a city with had a great historic association. Motilal was passed the law and practice in Allahabad and Lucknow court. He entered politics in 1907 when he prevails upon to preside at the U. P. Legislative Council after the Minto-Morley Reform. He also founded the ‘The leader’ which became the mouthpiece of advance-politics.

On his last act from the sickbed was on 26th January 1931, a countrywide observance of Martyrs’ Remembrance Day. Paying tribute to him C.F.Andrews called him ‘The maker of modern India’.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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