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Coinage of Guman Singhji

06 Feb 2019  Wed

Chhota Udaipur was a Princely state situated in Gujarat during the British Rule. This state shares its history with Devgadh Baria and Rajpipla Princely states of eastern Gujarat. The rulers of Chhota Udaipur claimed their lineage from Chauhan Rajput family.

It was established by Rawal Udeysinhji, a descendant of Pataj Rawal of Champaner. Guman Singhji rules the state from 1822 to 1851 AD. During the reign he issued copper Paisa from Chhota Udaipur mint.

His coins have Gujarati characters with denomination mentioned in the center of a lined circle usually followed with a scimitar pointing left with the name of a ruling chief. The reverse had the date with ‘Savasthan Chhota Udepor’ in Gujarati.

Image Source: Todywalla Auctions

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