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INS Vikrant decommissioned today!

31 Jan 2019  Thu

Majestic-first class carrier of Indian Navy, INS Vikrant was decommissioned today on 31st Jan 1997. India purchased this incomplete aircraft carrier in 1957 from the British Royal Navy, it was called HMS Hercules. Its construction was completed in 1961 by India.

Vikrant played an important role in enforcing the naval blockade of East Pakistan during the Indo-Pakistan War of also participation in the liberation of Goa and played a vital role to hasten the surrender of Pakistan troops which resulted in the birth of Bangladesh. In the later years, it underwent major refits to embark the facilities for the modern aircraft.

After the decommission this aircraft carrier was preserved as a museum ship in Cuff Parade, Mumbai until 2012. This ship was sold through an online auction and scrapped in November 2014.

Image Courtesy: Mintage world

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