Heart-Shaped Tomato on Latest Spanish Stamps

30 Jan 2019  Wed

Almeria was recently selected as the Spanish capital of gastronomy for 2019. Spain released a new postage stamp to celebrate this momentous event on 23rd January. The non-denominated stamp depicts the text “A2 tarifa” as it pays for domestic mails (€0.70 currently) that bear a weight of 20 to 50 grams.

Since Almeria is famous for its tomatoes, the postage stamp depicts a heart-shaped tomato at the centre. Other popular eatables like a Shrimp, watermelons, carrots, sweet lime, cabbage, capsicum etc. are also depicted on the stamp. A logo of the year and multicolour double hearts are also shown. A similar heart design in blue and white is featured on the tomato.

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, these colourful postage stamps featuring a heart-shaped tomato are perfect for this season of love!

Image Courtesy: Correos

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