Silver Rupee of Nabha Princely State

29 Jan 2019  Tue

During the British era, Nabha state was one of the Phulkian Princely States of Punjab. It was divided into three nizamats- Amloh, Bawal and Phul. Amloh nizamat had fertile tract called the Pawadh, Phul nizamat was comprised of arid tract called the Jungle and Bawal area was under Rajpuatana desert. Nabha town was the capital of the state. They bore the title of Maharaja from 1911 and were entitled to 13 gun salute.

Bharpur Singh rule the Nabha state from 1846 to 1863 AD. During the reign he issued gold Mohur and silver Rupee from Nabha mint. Represent here is a silver rupee of Bharpur Singh. This coin has the 'Gobindshahi' couplet on the obverse attributing the minting to the blessings of Sikh Gurus.

Such coins were not minted for circulation but were meant for presentation purposes and for use during royal and religious ceremonies. The mint name on such coins is generally 'Nabh Kamal'.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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