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Coin of Sailana Princely State

28 Jan 2019  Mon

Sailana princely state was a part of Malwa Agency, Central Indian Agency. The lineage of Sailana comes from Rathore Rajputs of the Ratanavat branch, an offshoot of the Ratlam house. Jai Singh, the great-grandson of Ratan Singh established the state. Due to its small size and vulnerability, Sailana obliged to become a tributary of Sindhia to ensure its survival. Later in 1840 and 1860, the one-third state revenue went to British for the support of British troop in the region.

Jaswant Singh rules the state from 1890 to 1919 AD. He brought many reforms in the field of education, medical aids, municipality, judiciary, and executives. He issued Annas series of the coin with portraits of George V and Edward VII.

The above-shown copper quarter Anna was issued during the reign of Jaswant Singh. The obverse of a coin portrays crowned bust of King George V facing left. The reverse depicts Date and Value in the inner circle, Sailana State in Devanagari and English around it.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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