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Honorius became Co-Emperor

23 Jan 2019  Wed

Roman Emperor Theodosius I proclaims his eight-year-old son Honorius co-emperor on 23rd January 393. Honorius ruled the Western Roman Empire from 395 to 423.

He was the younger son of emperor Theodosius I and his wife Aelia Flaccilla. When Theodosius died, in January 395, his sons Honorius and Arcadius divided the Empire. Arcadius inherited the Eastern province of the Roman empire and rule here from 395 until his death in 408. Honorius became Western Roman Emperor at the age of ten. Following this Roman Empire divided into East and West halves and never reunited again.

He issued gold and silver coinage minted with his portrait. Represent here is a gold Solidus of Emperor Honorius issued from Ravenna mint. The obverse of a coin depicts Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. The reverse of a coin showed Honorius standing right, holding the standard in right hand and Victory on globe in left hand, left foot on seated bound captive.

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