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African Wildlife on new Kenyan coins!

23 Jan 2019  Wed

In a move that is redefining coin imagery in Africa, Kenya replaces the effigies of the political leaders on coins with animals! It is believed to be an attempt to prevent the glorification of the country's Political leaders and aims at promoting the wildlife heritage of the country on new currency coins.

These new coin series is adhering to the nation’s 2010 constitutional provision banning the images of any individuals on Kenyan currency. The new coin designs now depict a giraffe on 1 shilling coin while the 5-shilling coin bears the image of a rhino. A lion appears on the 10-shilling coin, and the 20-shilling coin shows an elephant.

Inscriptions on the coins are written in English and Swahili, the country's two official languages. These four new coins designs were launched Dec. 11, 2018, are will circulate alongside the coins previously issued, which will not be withdrawn.

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