Northern Lights and Nordic Skating on Aland Stamps

10 Jan 2019  Thu

Aland will be releasing €1.70 and €1.20 stamps featuring northern lights and Nordic skating respectively, on 8th March.

The €1.70 stamp features a photograph of the Notvik Tower of Bomarsund Fortress with northern lights in the background, taken by Ingmar Eriksson. The €1.20 stamp shows two Nordic ice skaters carrying backpacks and holding poles. This stamp design is based on a photo taken by Lasse Karkkainen a few years ago in early April when he was on a 65-mile skating trip on the ice off Geta. Karkkainen notes that ice skating tests your endurance, allows you to discover new things, takes you through a spiritual experience, allows you to interact with other skaters, nature and winter light.

The winter season in Aland generally starts in November continues until March or April. Nordic skaters venture out into frozen ponds, lakes, rivers, canals and the sea for one or several days, based on the region and climatic conditions. It has become a very popular sport over the last few years. The stamp was printed by offset in sheets of 30 by Belgium’s Bpost.

Image Courtesy: Aland Post

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