Silver Kori of Porbandar Princely State

10 Jan 2019  Thu

Porbandar princely state was located along the coastal line of the Arabian Sea and a part of the Kathiawar Political Agency. The Rulers belonged to the Jethwa clan of Rajput. They claimed that their descent was from Pawan, ancestor of Hanuman. Forefathers of this dynasty arrived in Western India over 2000 years ago.

Rulers of Porbandar issued coins in silver and copper in various denominations such as Kori, Dokdo, Dhinghla, and Trambiyo.

Represented here is silver Kori issued in the name of Muzaffar Shah of Gujarat. Coins showed the Persian legend ‘Muzaffar Shah’ with ‘Shri Rana’ added in Devanagari with AH 978 on the obverse. The reverse also showed the Persian inscription.

This Princely State acceded in the dominion of India on 15th February 1948 and eventually became the part of the present-day state of Gujarat.

Image Source: Todywalla Auctions

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