Gold Mohur of Mahindar Singh of Patiala

08 Jan 2019  Tue

The town of Patiala, which later became a state, was founded by Ala Singh, the chief of one of the Phulkian families, in 1753. In 1762, Ahmed Shah Durrani of Afghanistan attacked Punjab. Ala Singh of Patiala was subdued and had to give an annual tribute to Ahmed Shah Durrani. Ahmed Shah conferred the title of Raja upon Ala Singh. In 1763, Ala Singh acquired part of the territories of Sirhind and added them to Patiala.

Mahendra Singh was a Maharaja of Patiala State from 1862 to 1876 AD. During his rule, the Maharaja tried to improve his state by funding colleges and a new canal, and he provided relief for famine-stricken areas. He issued gold and silver coins from Patiala mint. These coins issued in the denomination of Mohur and Rupee.

The above shown Gold Mohur of Patiala which weighs around 10.65g struck during his reign in the name of Ahmed Shah. The obverse of the coin is inscribed with Persian Couplet for Ahmed Shah Durrani while the reverse of the coin depicts ‘Suaad’ within the seen of julus.

This beautiful piece was sold for INR 1,10,000 by Classical Numismatic Gallery in an auction held on 15th December,2017.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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