Views of Stuttgart on Wurttemberg Stamps

08 Jan 2019  Tue

Wurttemberg Stamps featuring the city view of Stuttgart were the stamps used by the Republic of Wurttemberg, after the end of World War I. These state or ministerial official stamps were issued for use on official correspondence between state government offices.

Stamps shown above are among the set of ten pictorial state official stamps. Issued on March 25th, 1920, the designs feature views of Stuttgart - the capitol, Ulm, Tubingen, and Ellwangen. They are inscribed with "Volkstaat / Wurttemberg" or "People's State of Wurttemberg" at the top.

The denomination value is in the bottom right corner of the stamps except for two stamps with the denominations of 30 German reichspfennig and 1.25 German reichsmark which depict the denomination in the bottom left corner.

State official stamps of the People's Republic of Wurttemberg were discontinued after 1920 when it became a member state within the German Weimar Republic. Today, Wurttemberg is part of the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, within the Republic of Germany.

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