Most Valuable Postage Stamp of Hungary

01 Feb 2019  Fri

The most valuable Postage stamp of Hungary is a 5000 Korona invert stamp which was sold in the Spink Shreves Galleries sale of 18th June 2009 for USD 37,500.00.

The 5,000 Korona denominated Madonna and Child pair shown above is one of the greatest rarities of all the postage stamps of Hungary. The legendary misconception was made of an arc of 5,000 crowns. This curve was placed in the printing machine in reverse, so the middle part was upside down on the stamp.

The faulty arc was also put on sale, and in January 1925 it was sold in a transformer in Budapest, where 80 pieces were sold. Fewer than 100 examples are known to exist, and almost 40 of those are in museums or other institutions, leaving about 50 for collectors.

In the year 2009 this iconic Hungarian stamp was sold in the Spink Shreves Galleries sale for USD 37,500.00.

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