Coronation Coin of Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Coin

01 Jan 2019  Tue

In the year 2018 Pobjoy mint had introduced a commemorative coronation coin of Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth II got coroneted on 2nd June 1953; after the death of the father King George VI. To honour this historical event Pobjoy mint had released this coin on behalf of Government of British Virgin Island.

The obverse of this coin features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II facing towards the right with the inscription ‘BRITISH VIRGIN ISLAND’ and ‘QUEEN ELIZABETH II 2018’ to the left and right side of the coin. The reverse of the coin depicts the portrait of ‘King George VI’ facing towards left and the portrait of ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ facing towards the right. The portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is struck with Ultra High Relief and the portrait of King George VI is struck incused on the coin.

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