Franklin Pierce Commemorative Coin

29 Dec 2018  Sat

Franklin Pierce was born on 23rd November 1804 in Hillsboro, New Hampshire, United States. His Father’s name was Benjamin Pierce, he had fought in the Revolutionary War, later he had also moved into the politics where he eventually became the governor of New Hampshire.

Franklin Pierce had completed his graduation from Bowdoin College in Marine, after completing his graduation he had moved to study Law. He completed his law and became a lawyer in the year 1827.

Franklin Pierce started his political career in the year 1829 by winning a seat on the New Hampshire State Legislature. He was also selected as U.S Congress and had served as the member of House of Representative and later as a U.S. Senator.

He had served his country as 14th President of United States from the year 1853 to 1857 CE. He was the only president in the history of the United States who had kept the entire cabinet in the place for the full four-year term. He had also signed a treaty with Japan had helped his country to have a trade with Japan.

The United States of America had issued his commemorative coin with his portrait on the obverse side of the coin.

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