Postage Due Stamps of Guinea

24 Dec 2018  Mon

The independent state of Guinea issued a set of six Postage-due stamps a little before the completion of its second year.

Postage due is the term used for mail sent with insufficient postage. A postage due stamp is a stamp added to an underpaid piece of mail to indicate the extra postage due. The Republic of Guinea issued a set of six postage stamps in October 1960.

This set of Postage Due stamps included six stamps with the denominations of 1 Guinean franc, 2 Guinean francs, 3 Guinean francs, 5 Guinean francs, 10 Guinean francs, and 20 Guinean francs issued with different colours.

The stamps depict an ornamental design in the centre inscribed with the denomination unit flanked by the letter R and G which stand for ‘Republic’ and ‘Guinea’. The stamp is also inscribed with the “POSTES CHIFFRE-TAXE (posts sales tax)” at the top and the name of the country at the bottom.

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