Highlights at Stack’s Bowers Galleries 2019 NYINC Auction

21 Dec 2018  Fri

Stack’s Bowers Galleries is going to offer several interesting coins and banknotes at New York International Numismatic Convention from 10th to 12th January 2019 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City.

An extremely rare Salzburg 5 Ducat of Archbishop Leonhard issued in 1512, graded NGC AU-58, is going to be offered at an estimated value of $60,000 to $90,000. The obverse of this 17.35 grams plate coin depicts the old king’s portrait wearing loads of jewellery and a tunic. An inscription reads "ORA PRO ME SANCTE RUDBERTE", which means "Pray for Me O Saint Rupert" in English. The reverse depicts the coat of arms of Salzburg made of a lion and three stripes. Other elements include the Archbishop between the date and legend "LEONARD' DE KEWTSCH' ARE' SAL". The coin is considered to be unique and there are only a few klippe style coins of this type.

The designs are very sharp and bold. They were struck four years before the Reformation that was witnessed by Leonhard's successor. The coin has a bright tone and a prooflike shine on the reverse. Apart from the soft handling at certain places, the coin is spectacular.

Another interesting offering is a 16th Century 4 Ducat that depicts Renaissance coin portraiture. A Near-Gem, finest certified, Brazilian 1727-M 20,000 Reis is also being offered. The coin was struck during the regime of Joao V. Two 10 Tael Gold ingots from China is something to look out for.

A rare Cavalier d’Or and Hardi d’Or of Duke Charles, son of King Charles VII of France is another key highlight. A 5 Franc issued in 1889 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution is being offered. Only 40 such coins were struck. A rare Ducat of Albrecht V. A 5 Ducat commemorating Matthias as Holy Roman Emperor is one of the first portrait coins of Bavaria. Another such coin features the armoured monarch riding a warhorse while the background features the city. Only two such coins exist today. A rare Helfenstein Goldgulden with the coat of arms featuring elephants is the only known example today.

A rare gold Ecu d’Or of Wilhelm III is one of the two examples that exist today. Other highlights include a Nurnberg city-view 8 Ducat, rare Mannheim Mint Ducat of 1769 in good condition, a 4 Ducat in MS condition, a unique 3 Ducat of Silesia-Munsterberg-Oels commemorating the 10th death anniversary of Karl I and a 2 Ducat gold coin from Wurzburg featuring a crowned lion holding a sword and scales.

An MS Ryal of Edward IV, Broad of the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell and 5 Guineas of William and Mary are some of the highlights from England. Two Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee proof sets include the 11-piece set with an extra 1887 Maundy Set and an 11-piece set that was owned by John Jay Pittman. A four-piece gold proof set of George V commemorating his coronation is another offering.

Image Courtesy: Stack’s Bowers Galleries

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