Minuteman – US War Savings Stamp

19 Dec 2018  Wed

The Minuteman stamp of the US is a very celebrated war saving stamp of the US which was issued during the time of World War II to gather financial backing in order to fund the war.

Wars saving stamps of the United States of America were issued by the United States Treasury Department to help fund participation in World War I and World War II. The United States Treasury Department began to issue a series of war savings stamps in late 1942. Unlike the War Savings Certificate stamps from World War I, these war savings stamps earned no interest.

The war savings stamps introduced during World War II were released in five different denominations – 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, one dollar, and five dollars. The stamps feature a famous war memorial of Minutemen in the centre flanked by “UNITED STATES” and “WAR SAVINGS” on either side.

Minutemen were civilian colonists who independently organized the American Revolutionary War. Nothing can be more appropriate to get featured on a War Saving Stamps.

Image Courtesy: https://upload.wikimedia.org

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