Benjamin Harrison Commemorative Coin

14 Dec 2018  Fri

Benjamin Harrison was born on 20th August 1833; in North Bend, Ohio, to a prominent family that had a legacy of political activism. He is well known for having signed the Sherman Antitrust Act while he was a president. He was the grandson of William Henry Harrison, the ninth president of United States of America.

Benjamin Harrison grown in a political family which includes his father congressman and his grandfather was the President. His grandfather became the president of United States when he was seven years old. Despite being in a famous family, he spent his childhood on a farm; in outdoors doing fishing and hunting.

After becoming the president of the United States he played a vital role in making the budget of United States; a lot of his budget was made to improve the navy and harbors throughout the U.S Coasts. He even added six more states to the United States during his presidency which includes Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Idaho, and Wyoming. Democrats did not want the states added to the country as they were afraid that they would vote Republican. But; Harrison felt it was important that the country and continues to expand west. He even fought for civil rights legislation while in office. But, failed to get any of it to pass Congress, but he laid the groundwork for the future.

The United States of America had issued one dollar commemorative Coin with his portrait on the obverse side of the coin.

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